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Look at what MSM and social media has done, we need to push back against this omnipresence especially if our information is getting sold over seas to a dictator like Xi Xinpeng <<< they are not allowed to say" I don't agree" in Chinese anymore and he is now installing himself as permanent leader; No more voting. Also trump is working with him.


AbbraKaDabbra wrote

Chromium, Epic, Tor, Pirator, Pale Moon, Ice Dragon and For you nasty little hackers (Hydra). Don't settle for 1 get a few and specialize them depending on what you want it for. Pick your game up or fall behind. If you want to know who has the experience follow the pirate community and anonymous, and keep your eyes on the kekistanies they are battle tested. Just a heads up.


AbbraKaDabbra wrote

That's terrible. You should put up some of those posts so we can get some ammo to sling back also time to pick your self up and up your game. After all this Pepe trump BS I know what you're talking about. I've been studying them for a while. What we need to do is to start gathering examples of their abuse and meme back to them. Their weakness is not getting called racist or bigoted. It's their self image. They lash out because they believe that society has rejected them. Share some stuff with me and I'll show you how. You need to go to their hangouts on the net. Straight into the rats nest. It's all about how tough you look to them and if they look silly because beautiful men and women are feminists and they can't handle it. Try not to react to their posts but make memes that are funny and they are triggered big time!!! We need names and to find them on their own social media. (BTW their social media does not censor) <<< Perfect for no holding back hard hitting memes, I promise you that's their weakness.