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You should see the massive amount of road median that grows grass in the US. When they cut they leave the debris in the road. Dry grass on the road is scary slick and a hazard to any motorcycle driver.

I wish more areas would adopt what Michigan did and start planting edible shrubs and trees in public areas.


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Here is the KNF book. There are a lot of nuances if you are not in the same climate zone as South Korea. I am KNF newbie. I am still working on gathering everything to make my IMO1.



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Are there any books or videos you want?

Would it be easier for me to post a list of what training I have access to, you decide you want, and we can work out how to get the training to you?


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Visit with the professor and ask them if you can audit their class. Let them know you do not intend to submit homework or do anything to cause them extra work. I have done this over the past 20 years and never had a professor refuse.