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Really glad to hear things are working out well and you seem to be at peace with the resolution.

If they do take a turn for the worse a ball shaped hammer works best. :) Not a lot a doctor can do when bone shatters vs breaking. And you will be amazed at the damage a $20 sling shot can do.


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Most of the stores facial recognition is only going to show up if you are in their system and if they are aware that you took items. I lifted a generator, by accident, and I know my face was captured on camera and the store also uses facial recognition. I went back to the same location and did not notice any LP or over customer serviced.

From all the articles I have read on police using this technology your face is ONLY run against a mug shot. So if you have never been arrested no match.

I have to find the articles that detailed which towns were using the drivers license database. They were all in Washington and Oregon.


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I use my blender the most. Usually twice a day. I make a smoothy concoction in the morning for my breakfast and I'll usually make a puree or blended soup in the evening.

For others I use my vacuum sealer, sous-vide, portable induction plate, and a small oven. I can make pretty much any meal using just about any technique with those three appliances. The oven is used every day instead of a microwave or a large oven. I can make a roast, air fry, bake bread @500 degrees.. it is one of my most used items after the blender. The vacuum sealer is used any time I am using the sous-vide machine. And the induction plate allows me to cook anywhere. I just bring along my generator and I am a portable kitchen.

I also use my pressure cooker a good bit. I am always making rice, potatoes or beans.


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Irrelevant of the store using facial recognition you need to know if your local PD uses it. Many towns are now taking 2D images and running them against license and arrest databases. It is best to always wear a hat and if you are lifting avoid stores that have cameras at eye height when you enter or exit.


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Finally getting tired of all the garbage rules with non-profits and their gardens. They want everyone to just follow their petroleum based bullshit mantra. I am done with public and private gardens for this year.

I burned about 40 cubic yards of wood mulch into bio-char. I have another 60 cubic yards to go. Damn, I wish I had known how much of a pain this is. My truck has so much black dust I think it is cheaper to just paint it black vs trying to keep it any sense of clean.

My compost pile is growing and my worm bin is now about three large worms piles. I can not wait for next season when the compost and worm castings have fully charged the bio-char and I can run some tests to show that my inputs are cheaper and better vs petro based fertilizers.

Since quitting gardening I have had a lot of extra free time. I have teamed up with seven other people and we are now doing guerilla feeding. Every Thursday night we gather and make dinner together. We have committed to making 100 sandwiches, chips or some other 'dirty' carb, and a fruit. My lifting has taken a different shift. Never thought I would become a condiment and bread booster. I am sure if someone had an aerial camera we looked like a bunch of drunk Ewoks bumbling around picking up condiments, bread, chips, ziploc bags, chicken, apples and oranges.

This all worked out pretty slick. We teamed up with a teacher who puts the snacks in a backpack. The students that need food over the weekend know to just pickup a backpack and go home at the end of the day. No one ever knows and no kid has to stand out. The silliest part is we asked for permission, which was a mistake, and we were told we need to get our kitchen space certified and the kids had to bring in permission slips from their parents. ARRGGHH.. so much ridiculous process for no real gain. And of course the kitchen certification costs a good bit of cash.

All told every backpack was picked up which means roughly 33 people will have at least one meal every day this weekend.

I would love any feedback you have for different meal plans.


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You 100% do not need a seedbox. They have a system setup to earn points via Freeleech torrents that change every 2 weeks. You do not affect your ratio by using freeleech but you do receive upload credit. You can then cash in your points for more upload credit or buy FreeLeech tokens to make any torrent free leech.

I have not used a seedbox, I have only been a member for a few months and I have 2.4TB of upload.


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I have started down this road...

I have to run but will update this later in the day...

I started by volunteering at a community garden. You can find hundreds by starting here: https://www.communitygarden.org/garden

The gardens will vary greatly. Some are what I would consider true community gardens and they are non-profits that feed the local community. Some are businesses where people pay to garden a lot of some size. I have worked with both. I started with the business model and volunteered. This gave me access to a much wider audience of people. Along the way the people gardening shared all of their secrets to how they garden. While doing this I started reading and watching tons of YouTube.

Start by subscribing to Curtis Stone: https://www.youtube.com/user/urbanfarmercstone Check out John from Grow your Greens: https://www.youtube.com/user/growingyourgreens and Living Web Farms: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiBgK94oWs_x2wszFD-nlEQ

After you sub to these three YouTube has been pretty good about recommending other videos to learn from. This gives you a fairly diverse subject matter. Along the way start reading about Permaculture, The Soil Food Web, homesteading, primitive technology... These will all give you a perspective on living in rural areas and start equipping you with skills.

If you have a local maker space I would join. Learn as much as you can about woodworking and metalworking. I am now starting to learn about electronics, gears, and motors. This is a good starting place to gather ideas: https://www.opensourceecology.org/gvcs/

The Global Construction Set folks do not provide much hands on through their videos. They want to sell you workshops. The workshop is on my bucket list of things to attend in the next three years.

That is likely more than enough data to keep you busy for the next four weeks.

I have 'worked out' my depression and anxiety by playing in the soil. This is by no means advice on how to control you own disabilities it is just how I went about mine. I stayed on my medication, started to eat healthy: no processed foods, no simple or refined sugar, no caffeine. Start working out... don't make this super complicated. If you do not work out at all just start going for a walk. Over time make that a jog along a trail you like. As time goes on run a little, jog some, and enjoy your walk. Try to do this when the sun is out and see if you can get at least 30 minutes a day in the sun. Once you have your endurance up, you are consistent about exercising, and enjoy it start adding in weights, do stretches(yoga), and consider a martial art. Drink lots of water. And do everything you can to get a good nights sleep that is consistent and high quality.

Start keeping a journal of everything. What you eat, when you go to sleep, when you wake, what your mode is like. Write as much as you can about anything. This helps so much if you a restless brain.

Find the things that make you happy and participate in them. For me that is gardening. I spend 2-6 hours a day playing in the dirt. The converse of this is start removing everything that does not bring you joy. I started with people. People that I felt were vampiric were the first to go. Vampiric are those that contribute nothing but constantly suck you dry. Try and surround yourself with people that lift you up and give you the chance to help raise their spirits. You want friends who are push pull.

Once you start going down this road consider making changes to your meds if you are on meds and are wanting to transition off. Obviously start with your doc and see about reducing your dosage or switching to meds with less side effects.

Hopefully this wall of text was not overwhelming. Asking any questions you have or if there is anything I can clarify.