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Professionally, I would use one of my kilns. A fire built with hardwood charcoal would easily reach that temperature. A propane torch would give you the most control. If you just wanted raw heat then a rocket stove; dozens of builds and designs on YouTube.


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heat glass marbles slowly to 700 Fahrenheit. Rapidly cool in motor oil. They will have annealed poorly and shatter upon impact. Fascist love receiving these delivered via a slingshot.


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I use bokashi but not with plastic wrap. A bucket with a spiget and a weight is all that is needed.

I usually add my bokashi to the compost pile or feed it to my worm bin. Once fermented it breaks down to soil in about 14 days when kept moist and above 80 degrees ambient air.


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Here is the KNF book. There are a lot of nuances if you are not in the same climate zone as South Korea. I am KNF newbie. I am still working on gathering everything to make my IMO1.



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Are there any books or videos you want?

Would it be easier for me to post a list of what training I have access to, you decide you want, and we can work out how to get the training to you?