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Posts like this really make me question whether signing up for raddle was a good idea.

I came here from 'a place where literally the only statement that won't split the party is "trans rights, okay!"' and y'all are calling us "socially reactionaries"? Yeah thanks mate, I'm feeling really fucking welcomed here, damn.

You see a couple people maybe being too edgy and making bad rape jokes and you generalize that to all of us and have a knee jerk "chapo fans are reactionary" response? Awesome, totally feels like I'm in a leftist space and not on donut twitter.

Have you seen actual social reactionaries? r/CTH overwhelmingly HATES r/stupidpol.

The most upvoted posts on r/CTH are anti-racist, anti-cop, anti-colonial, anti-TERF, pro-trans, pro-sex-worker (note your favorite reactionary rape apologist™ saying Bernie should be confronted about his support for SESTA/FOSTA), pro-choice, pro-Palestine, pro-Muslim… and some are just love and support for Ilhan Omar and Chelsea Manning. If that's reactionary, I don't know what's progressive. Cancel culture, knee-jerk reactions and generalizations, apparently.


69_SHOW_ME_THE_ORBS_420 wrote

Close Tor and use a vpn with another browser (FF) and allow js there

If you're considering this, you're probably not looking for Full Anonymity™, so turning on JS in the Tor Browser would be fine.