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Yes, and by support I mean UNLIMITED free speech. That doesn't mean every fool is guaranteed a place to speak - just that he won't be punished by law, whatever he says. Corporations are free to block him, as it's a freedom and not a right, as should be. So is anyone else's freedom to tell to the fool that he's a fool, without any regard to his feelings.


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Keto, loving it. Eating lots of meat AND veggies. Don't care if animals have to die for my food. Yes, I would eat lab grown meat if of satisfactory quality. If anything annoys me, it's the vegan lobby, as I live in constant fear of rising prices of meat thanks to their activism. Not buying into the "it's healthier" story. 50 years ago they said sat fats are bad for you to sell vegetable oil, and now they're re-inventing the wheel with "whoops.. you NEED sat fats".