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not that aren't proprietary.

taxi.coop went last month (by google).

how would you fund it....

(without being a social enterprise).


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So, in IT policy - its known as the hw/sw canary.

For example purism (amongst others) have this as a a page on their website.

-- you just need to change the basis (or nomenclature if the term warrant) of your canary/policy to that of the critical point of resistance of your Co-op and/or commodity-enterprise (asuming its not hyperthetical).


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It's good but it's not quite right, as the sayin' goes.

First of all use JetBrains and subscribe to talk-python :D

2nd, set up a trello-board or two to track progress and stuff & use dpaste if things go off the page.

At this point you'll be slightly perplexed - but that where subreddits and books come into play ;-)

If you need a hero; Fabrice Bellard is your guy for this year.

Also if you do use freecodecamp.org you shall need to get an anonymous non-geographical github account.


After that, and it is a weekend thing - I would try Alison courses to brush-up on other skills.

Oh and bookmark everything (online)!

perhaps just bookmark linuxjourney (today) and build it up over the course of a season or two.


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Canonical desktop yes, but A.F.As Canonical Server they basically ship gnome.

gnome is the the benefactor of redhat.

thereby canonical supports proprietary redhat RHEL.

I would rather go with something like trisquel in future.


I am just surprised that no-one has made this connection yet.