4X3L wrote

I believe when people use the term masculinity in that context they mean the traits that society puts onto men, not the traits that are inherent to men. So, "Men shouldn't show emotion." versus "Men are taller on average."

From later in the article "All masculinity is Toxic", "He contends that the parts of manhood that we view as non-toxic don’t actually have a designated gender—and describing these actions or qualities as masculine just reflects our disdain for women. " So the author doesn't want to get rid of sexual or gender differences or think all cis men are toxic, instead claiming the attributes society tries to force on men are universally bad. While controversial, not nearly as controversial as the article's title might make you believe.

Maybe this is just a bias on my part, but it seems like some leftist writers will start by making an exaggerated statement, and then walking it backwards and making a much more reasonable point. I think it is supposed to grab your attention but it just makes it way to easy for conservatives to misrepresent what the writer is saying. For me it is really frustrating because often I would otherwise agree with what the writer is saying.