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I already know they won't remember me because I only called them briefly and only got automated messages. I'm just trying to figure out a justification as to how I got their phone number and address that doesn't make it sound like I'm stalking/harrassing them, which I'm not. I also respect the fact that they may not want to write/talk to me.


2nbdsfrnd2 OP wrote

You would go out for example as a guy in a fedora and a suit to a specific place one day and you would do it again the next day with a completely different appearance in a different location. If something bad happens you can start over with a new persona and nobody would even know it was actually you. Kind of like dying in a video game and starting over as a different character but with slightly different intentions because you want to be careful you don't resemble the last persona that got caught and discovered. This is the best explanation I could come up with.