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I'll summarize a bit so people don't have to sift through 100 comments, but it can be pretty entertaining if you like reading internet arguments

The first comments point out the missing source for the binary

Someone claims the author would might to provide the source to comply with the license

Yeah, under the GPL license anyone that downloads this mod can demand to see the source of the bin file, and you'd be legally obligated to comply

Other users start asking to see the source 1 2 3

I can see that you are active in other threads, you are breaking the contract (GPL3) by not sending me sources. You are being illegal.

Others claim the author is already violating the GPL by not including the source 1 2


The mod isn't even released under GPL, it is released under LPGL and the file you a requesting is released under WTFPL, which doesn't require you to release the source code. Even if it was released under GPL it would still be pointless considering that rnd is the owner of the source code. If you want to see the code just use a decompiler. You are fully within your rights to do so as WTFPL places no limitations on you.

one user argues that it's not violating the GPL

A copyright holder that owns 100% of the work (source) owns 100% or the work.

That entitles him to release the binary as he sees fit. Including a license for OTHERS that specifies license terms of the work of art.


There are no violations of copyright, GPL or otherwise in this mod. The author has all the permissions granted by copyright law to release files under the GPL and the WTFPL, and at the same time withhold source code for files that he authored or owns the copyright for.

The author eventually includes the source in the repo

but users are angry the provided source is obfuscated and that they can't prove that the obfuscated source is the original source of the binary

Then later the author posts the non-obfuscated source


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This minetest anti-cheat mod is an interesting case. The author licensed the mod under LGPL but kept one of the classes as a compiled binary.

There's a lot of litigation in the thread on whether the author is violating the license by doing this and whether the mod should be considered proprietary, thus disqualifying it from being published on the forum.


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Seems like you are just trying to articulate your worldview, but I will add an explaination why I don't think this will be effective in persuading liberals.

rephrasing your argument:

  • premise: actors of the judicial system kill and rape with impunity
  • conclusion: freeing incarcerated killers and rapists will have minimal impact

why liberals might reject this:

  • rationalizing state-sanctioned forms of violence
    • strip searches are necessary to ensure security in prisons
    • murder by state actors is justified as self-defense
  • this does not challenge the carceral mindset* for non-state-sanctioned violence, so liberals are more likely to draw the conclusion that the judicial system should be reformed to imprison people who abuse state authority, rather than abolish incarceration

*I define carceral mindset as:

  • belief that imprisonment serves as a substantial deterrent to crime
  • a desire to punish criminals with imprisonment

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Update (from instagram):

The Tacoma port blockade yesterday was a beautiful show of solidarity, but a complete failure. Who even needs cops when the peace police will do their job for them for free?

At 5am in the cold and in the dark, hundreds of people wanting to blockade a shipment of weapons to Israel descended on the port of Tacoma. The way the port works is if the union declares the area is unsafe, they call off operations for the whole shift. A big enough crowd blocking the entrances is usually enough, and yesterday it worked basically immediately. Success, right?

The crowd grew and split into several pickets, marching in circles in different parts of the port, with organizers in yellow-green vests keeping people from stepping out of line. A group of riot cops was stationed inside the warehouse on the pier where the boat sat, waiting to try to stop protesters who might breach the fence and enter where boats are loaded. On the outside, the protest managers in yellow vests were constantly making sure nobody was planning to enter the pier.

The atmosphere was generally festive, powerful, and people's anger at the ongoing genocide was apparent. People came to block the port, and keep the boat from reaching it's destination. Side goals were also making it them cost more and to create an easily reproducible action.

It felt to most like it was working great, but In the middle of the afternoon, the self-declared leaders of the action made a confusing announcement: They told everyone the action was a success and everyone should go home. People were confused and deflated. Was the boat not still sitting there? Were they not trying to block the boat from being loaded?

It turns out that the military had sent in their own workers to load the boat, and the protest organizers had known about it for hours. Had people blocking the march known this, and that marching in circles was for the publicity of the organizers and for nothing more than photo op and a symbolic 'show of resistance', things could have transpired quite differently.

Organizers spread misinformation throughout the protest and most people were convinced that marching in a circle and chanting was actively stopping the ship from being loaded or having shipments delivered. When in reality the military already had the shipment in the dock and successfully loaded all 28 containers. Out of fear of police dispersal, people were greatly discouraged and directed to not breech the chain link fence that separated them from the ship. At the end of the day, organizers called the action "over" and sent everyone home despite the ship still being in the dock.

People came to the action to block the boat. People were there to prevent the flow of arms to Israel. People were there to stand up for Gaza and put their own bodies on the line to take action to attack the war machine

But the peace police took away people's agency. They did whatever they could to take away autonomy from anyone other than the big O organizers. They sabotaged the action to present a false narrative of success when in fact, they had actively prevented it.

How the fuck was that a "victory"? The people of Gaza need the bombs to stop dropping. For the arms destined for Israel to be stopped. In trying to seem respectable we are shooting ourselves in the foot and nothing more. ACAB indisputably includes the peace police.

Do what you can to stop the genocide now. If you're not willing to take action yourself, step out of the fucking way.


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I've never seen this message. Is this because of my browser being X or Y?

  • No, YouTube didn't roll this out to everybody yet. They are still expanding their reach with this impediment to other regions.
  • The detection is account and cookie based, which means you're unlikely to encounter this in a private window or just not logged in.

There’s a stickied post on /r/uBlockOrigin showing how to bypass the adblocker check. ^This was in the FAQ.

I always watch YouTube in a private tab without logging in so I haven’t seen this warning either.