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There's no question that your intention here was good, I think it's primarily your approach people take issue with. This might not be what you meant by it, but the initial post kind of came off like you thought you had come up with the cure for dysphoria and that cure was "boobs are a social construct", which feels kind of akin to telling a gay person that orientation is a spook and that if they just start being straight all their problems would be solved.

That being said, your openness to criticism both in the OP and the replies goes a long way.


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Not to be a pedant but just out of genuine curiosity, how "free" is the raspi zero? Is it like modern Intel/AMD hardware where you can generally run a fully free OS on it but with proprietary firmware on the hardware, or like Android devices where you need proprietary graphics drivers but have a decent amount of control over the software, or is it "free" like librebooted hardware?


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Breasts are usually important to trans women because not having them causes visceral discomfort, not because "men like them" or whatever you're implying. Trans people caring about the presence or absence of breasts on their body is "focusing on them in sexual terms" to about the same degree that caring about the pitch of your voice or the hair on your body/face or the width of your shoulders is "sexual".


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Even before their redesign, reddit's old site semi-recently started making you run scripts just to view the text of a self post. Shit has really gotten out of hand.