1anarchy wrote

I doubt it because the relations of production under capitalism create that web of entrapment. Capitalist social ethics and philosophy are so pervasive that they have become common sense to most people. Dating is a cultural artefact of capitalism. The couple with 2.4 kids family is a construct of modern capitalist society and dating primes people for this lifestyle. But I also think that the high divorce rates and the extended families that are created as a result are indicative of the contrived experience of this type of family arrangement. I think under a different system there would be different social relations that are difficult to conceptualise under capitalism.


1anarchy wrote

A dating app is the epitome of capitalist commodification. In this case it is the commodification of relationships. In typical capitalist fashion, the majority does all the work while an elite minority (the owners of the app) reap the benefits of the data (capital) and labour (income) that goes into creating and maintaining that data. Dating apps already allow space for polyamory and other orientations but only to the extent that those attributes can also be commodified. There is a "tendency to feed into patriarchical norms" because that is the way society as a whole is currently structured. Unless society is restructured without patriarchal norms, dating and apps will continue to be that way.