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The act of voting isn't the issue, it's making statements that voting for a political party "has a tremendous impact intersectionally" and is "the difference between life and death". This is a liberal posing as an anarchist to campaign for a neoliberal, imperialist politician.

I checked their post history and they only had a couple other comments on anarchist subs. And one of the comments was again shaming people to vote dem.


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They blocked me before I could say

You would opt for empty platitudes from neoliberal politicians over direct action, shitlib.

Just frustrating how many people block me before i can reply lately. Literally everyone I respond to now. Giving leftists a personal censorship button was a disaster. I even got blocked the other day for linking someone to an audiobook they requested.


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Reply to comment by ziq in George Carlin was a great anarchist by ziq

Will do.

I haven't got a Raddle account, but unfortunately those are really all the details I know. Jason McQuinn and I met in 2016 in Oakland, California where he lives. He and I had met a few times before at an annual conference that typically occurred after the San Francisco Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair. He has been editor since (I believe) the 1980's. We were talking and we got into the discussion about famous anarchists and people who subscribed to Anarchy. I asked McQuinn if they ever corresponded or anything, but he said no, they just mailed him the magazine like any other subscriber. He never mentioned getting any letters from Carlin or anything.