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Your not alone, I believe a lot of people are paying attention to how the Biden Administration is handling and responding to Israel.

Wednesday during the Republican debate the candidates were asked how they would handle the "situation in Gaza" with each candidate responding with nothing less then a clear support for Palestinian genocide.

Democracy Now!

"WASHINGTON -- Nearly half of Democrats disapprove of how President Joe Biden is handling the Israel-Hamas conflict, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research — showing a deep divide within his party over the war."

There's even Republicans trying to impeach Biden for a number of reasons, what I can't find is the original announcement to the impeachment process stating it was do to the economy but I did find this from September:

The Guardian

The elections for 2024 are so underwhelming with so little public support for the leading candidates ( Trump and Biden ) I really think some sort of revolution is on the horizon. Another really interesting study I read recently was about the percentage of Americans approval and faith in the current systems of government

What Americans Want

But I feel the same way you do I guess is what I am trying to say


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Just curious if you've heard of the anarchist yacht club?


I also know about some open source tools for navigation while sailing that require using a Raspberry Pie, if you haven't already check out:




I had a few other resources for those wishing to work in the industry or gain sailing hours to get a skippers license:



I rode trains mostly but have looked into sailing and always wanted to, currently I'm in a weird spot in life and I've been in limbo for the last few years. All my friends moved to Alaska and work on salmon fishing boats. We used to work sugar beet harvest but its no longer a thing or at least the one we all worked.

Anyway I hope that some of these resources will help someone looking into the subject. There's also a community over at squat the planet


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Maybe I'm just being optimistic but there's a part of me that feel people are beginning to wake up. More and more I'm seeing reports and studies that say Americans are losing faith in the current political system and I think the support for Israel is playing another major role in that.

Before that it was inflation and Bidenomics, Trump supporters no longer think he's fit to run the country and once again the poles are stacked with candidates that no one really wants.

Here is a interesting blog post I read last month that was pretty eye opening https://pluralistic.net/2023/10/18/the-people-no/


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This makes sense and I agree. Both raddle and the fediverse are new to me and I am just trying to understand this movements better as well as contribute to them with my own online presence. Also just discovered the yesterweb movement but as a long time anarchist I can relate to these and want to be more involved.


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kolektiva.social is where sub.media and crimethinc, unicornriot among other anarchist groups. kolektiva.media is where you can get the news feeds. I just added their RSS to emacs.

kolektiva.social now vets all new accounts so if you want a instant account I would find another server. I have a yesterweb server account until my new account get accepted then I can shadow over to kolektiva.social, that being said I am still new but if you want to have a friend you can add me