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Anything animal-based. Once you migrate to veganism the whole concept of eating living beings and their secretions is unthinkable!


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Damn, that thread is a shitshow! The mods there are straightht up lying about deleting comments and submissions. They’re also lying about Raddle being pro-censorship. I detest the whole of Reddit, it’s an asshole magnet!

Anyway, hopefully people will still use this forum as we expand and build a better place to share.


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Please welcome VCDUPPER as the new mod on MEGAlinks. I’ll be reaching out to repeat posters to see if anyone else wants to be a mod.

Personally, I won’t have too much time to do it myself so need assistance keeping things running smoothly.

And a big thank you to all the Reddit refugees! In a matter of days MEGAlinks has become the 2nd most subscribed forum and will soon be in 1st place!


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Good news: in under 48 hours, MEGAlinks became the 2nd most subscribed forum on Raddle!

Watch out anarchism!