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Dead Infection - A Chapter of Accidents (Goregrind - 1995) [34:03]

Submitted by SpiderGrinder in Grindcore

that I like that part much, but goregrind concerts are [pretty fun]( even if the band sucks. Goregrind is probably one of the main reason why the **mincecore** sub-subgenre became ... thing, because [Agathocles]( were fed up with the misogyny and **snuff** (which is gore related) trend that was going on in grind. Don't know how they feel about it, but modern ... mince bands seem to be including gore in their lyrics and **vegetarianism/veganism**, like [Haggus]( (and they really hate **pornogrind** (is that even a real genre?)). Gore and veganism seems to be opposites


Deep Forest - Forest Hymn

Submitted by eltrkbrd in Music

Deep Forest === * **Forest Hymn -** * **Deep Forest -** Paban Das Baul --- * [**Dil Ki Doya Hoyna** ~ ("Do you have mercy in your heart")](


Don't be like these people

Submitted by Positif in Illegalism

these people: Or *these* people: OR these people: Moral of the story: don't conceal on camera, even if you think you aren


The Most Profound Moment in Gaming History

Submitted by SJWarCleric in Games

some fascinating points brought up. Also some follow up videos from him on the same subject: (The Most Profound Moment in Gaming History Part 2) (The OTHER Most Profound ... Moment in Gaming History) (SOMA - Story Explanation and Analysis) As a big fan of stuff like .hack//SIGN and FF7, exploring memetic stuff and AI through video games always catch my interest


Oi Polloi - Nazi Scum

Submitted by rot in punk

Other Oi Polloi songs: **hunt the rich**- **L.I.N.U.X**- (yes, they have a song about linux


Archagathus - Canadian Horse (Grind/Mincecore - 2011) [23:10]

Submitted by SpiderGrinder in Grindcore

Most people will say that it's a sub-subgenre which imitates the style of [Agathocles]( and they would be right, for Agathocles is the blueprint of the style. [Jan himself from ... that I like Agathocles that much, but boiii/guurl do I love them imitators, be it [HAGGUS]( or of course, Archagathus! The album itself is as lovely as the album cover, which


Police in Venezuela beats down environmental activist comrade

Submitted by TheCaribGrackle in ACAB

punk scene and diffuser of articles on the anarchism in his YouTube channel [S3 7]( where he usually posts videos in English and Spanish. On July 13, 2017, he was savagely assaulted ... Mall in the state of Anzoategui . The beating he received was recorded in the following video: After being beaten by the GNP and GNB with shields, kicks and blows he was retained