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Have more recommendations for [this post](; or ideas for transmasc or [enby]( Let me know here


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edited images to convey feelings of confusion, disorientation, alienation and nostalgia. Also known as [Oddcore](, Strangecore and Creepycore, Weirdcore visuals are influenced by the general look and feel of images shared ... small community up until now. “It only recently started flooding into the mainstream and escaping [Tumblr]( to places like [Reddit]( and [Twitter](” As for Sanfor


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know if they're the same people? It terrifyingly doesn't sound like they are: [Tumblr](


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bookmarked all alternatives that were posted: - [Discord]( - [Tumblr tag]( - [Squabbles]( - [Lemmy]( - [Raddle](


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Link to useful 196 tumblr post, at least, i hope so, I’m still learning tumblr]( link to u/anarcho-striperism [youtube]( and [reddit]( I wasn’t sure


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sure yet. [Link the loosely affiliated discord]( [Link to useful 196 tumblr post]( link to u/anarcho-striperism [youtube]( and [reddit](


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about crediting but i feel good about it, so. this is an edit of [this post]( on tumblr dot hell. i think we and 196blr shouldn't be enemies, in fact


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concluded that "Waluigi" is the ultimate non-binary parent name edit: i found the original post!


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opening the public comment period on August 30th,2023"* *Tumblr post of the information here:** Synopsis of the post, article , & situation: **American friends! The US Copyright Office (which we know exerts huuuge