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edit any doc on the website by clicking on the writers' pen symbol :) ------ [**1. Contributors**]( [Pro-Tech]( [Anti-Tech]( [\[Insert other label for a more nuanced ... position here if you so desire\]]( [**2. Defining our Terms**]( [Technology]( [Nature/Wilderness]( [Artifice]( [Progressivist]( [Civilization]( [Ideology]( [Morality]( [Technique]( [Technics]( [**3. Kaczynskis’ Ideas**]( [Our evolution]( [Jacques Elluls’ influence on Kaczynski](


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Archive]( This is a newly released huge archive on Ted Kaczynski. The website works just like wikipedia, where anyone can submit new texts to the website and new edits of texts currently ... website for a while was simply a book on how to [Unfuck Your Friendships]( and the discord has already played host to a discussion between people encouraging each other to think rationally ... join just to troll or spam though, you will be removed. [A record will be kept]( of all texts that were rejected, whether for minor formatting reasons or deeply held political reasons


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still undecided on a name: [A Reading List of Unconventional Lives]( Here are some possible options, so please let me know which one you like best or offer your own suggestion


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just the articles and podcasts from the time anyways as a starting point for people:


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Discord]( & [Matrix]( The Ted Kaczynski Archives is now [this website]( The various versions of Ted's book Truth versus Lies are now here: [Truth versus Lies ... A preview of the biography is here: [The Ultimate Ted Kaczynski Research Document]( Video & audio transcripts I sent Ted are now here: [Video & Audio Media]( Collecting together


TheTedKArchive OP wrote (edited ) to help me set up their amusewiki software. Here's the site map: I've newly archived over 300 books, academic papers & essays that aren't on anarchistlibrary. I have also ... valuable. This is just me announcing it's all public. Here's the table of contents:


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started it off here if anyone wants to carry it on: Obviously it can be posted to theanarchistlibrary or wherever afterwards, that site just allows half-formatted texts to be published