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will negatively impact immune response over a population. Let's discuss my points on immunity: **Diet** * * * **Toxic cleaning agents** * * ... * **Over The Counter Drugs Increasing COVID-19 Adverse Outcomes** * * Above, you can see that while pretty much any drug is going to worsen


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vitamin B12 status in female elderly Koreans aged 85 and older living in rural area]( > On dietary source, 67.3% of dietary vitamin B12 was from meat, eggs and fishes ... such as soybean-fermented foods, seaweeds, and kimchi. [Vitamin B12-Containing Plant Food Sources for Vegetarians]( > However, a fermented soybean-based food called tempe contains a considerable amount of Vitamin


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helpful. > > This has most of the info on lectins > deficiencies of vegans > compilation of studies on phytates risks and attack on cancer ... benefits of anti oxidants and why oxidative stress can cause harm I added a little bit from just knowledge off the top of my head from knowing biology that is not cited


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flood waters rise around their knees. (Sources regarding human behavior):


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American Journal of Public Health | Economic Development, Political-Economic System, and the Physical Quality of Life]( According to a study by Vicente Navarro, Professor of Health and Public Policy at Johns Hopkins ... Population Studies | An Exploration of China's Mortality Decline Under Mao: A Provincial Analysis, 1950-1980]( The study states that: >China's growth in life expectancy at birth from 35–40 years


Submitted by PerfectSociety in anticiv, [7](, * The worst diseases that humans have ever experienced - [1](, [2]( - see page 2, [3]( * [Nutritional declines, declines in stature


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endocrine manner, such as glucose homeostasis and exercise capacity, brain development, **cognition**, and male fertility. The reaserch paper showing the influence of OCN on Brain


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gatherer societies do, on average, display a much higher level of egalitarianism than most industrialized nations: > Our collective judgment, based on many combined years of field research plus the published ethnographic corpus


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from here: [Human Relationships with Domestic and Other Animals: One Health, One Welfare, One Biology](


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heavily, but research indicates the carciongenicity of it may actually be due to the fertilizer and not the tobacco itself. People should grown their own tobacco (without synthetic fertilizer), and not smoke


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heavy metals, and I found that parsley and cilantro seems to [have natural chelation properties](


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bread and butter of standard medical car is silly. Plus the wait times are ridiculous. And if you theory craft that this wouldn't be a problem in the US how does


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check results and add some more caviats. I read through warning pdf!po=47.8102 So yes the original study found that moderate drinking at defined


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field and are at Columbia University and Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai. In the paper, they refer to imaging studies using fMRI and other techniques. You can go to those


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states now have statutes that give minors the right to consent to treatment in specific situations.](!po=3.12500)


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required because they did not include data about the sustainability of cropland such as [soil erosion]( (vi) With regard to soil erosion, overall we are losing soil [10 to 40 times faster


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establishment of compulsory schooling after World War II" ______________________________________________ [Myopia in Singapore: taking a public health approach]( "Based on serial cross sectional data from the Singapore Armed Forces, myopia prevalence in military conscripts


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obvious exception of things like physical disabilities). This ultimately resulted in a phenomenon called ["Balanced Deterrence"](, which started under Homo Erectus and carried on into our species as well. Balanced Deterrence


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unclean' (usually had parasites), or other contaminated or raw food, get infected with [Neuroparasitic Nematodes](, which then infect the eye, brain, and nervous system. Nematodes produce neurotoxins, so the person


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becomes more permeable, observable, than the waves. " a feeling of anxiety at an uncaring cosmos" [[5]]( Such noumenal perception is thus, as far as deductable, the best extensive ontological argument


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/10572252.2019.1607906 ## Autonomous Health Movements, Self-Managed Abortion, and Harm Reduction * “Autonomous Health Movements” by Naomi Braine; * “Understandings of self-managed abortion as health inequity, harm reduction and social change” by Erdman


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disability-adjusted life years lost in the 2010 Global Burden of Disease comparative risk assessment. Source: Civilization is directly responsible for the death of marginalized children. >Illegal levels of air pollution linked