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Submitted by Bandit in Piracy (edited )

above)* or an OLDER version. Make sure to TURN OFF AUTO UPDATES!   * **DeDRM Plugin \[NEW\]** --- [\_plugin.zi](   **Description:** This plugin allows your version of Calibre to DeDRM Amazon


Submitted by snakezisback in Illegalism (edited )

because it is in alpha and it may be a bit buggy. LIFTING101 OPEN SOURCE: WHEN YOU REGISTER DO NOT USE A COMMON PASSWORD YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, JUST ... MAKE AN ACCOUNT WITH A RANDOM PASSWORD AND USE THE "REMEMBER ME" FEATURE the apk file: virustotal: it is open sourced so go ahead and check it in DNSPY


Submitted by MGSKILLER23 in ACAB

realistic kills - Lockon removed - Better Weapons - Custom Skins Become a Patron: Free Demo:


Submitted by Bandit in Piracy* >* >* >* >* >* --- Academic Torrents (new site) --- **Public Trackers**