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Why You Should Be a Communist

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shortly. For more information on materialism, read *Dialectical and Historical Materialism* by Joseph Stalin (available at, [direct link]( Human history follows the laws of dialectics. Each epoch in human history thus ... production, read Chapter 1, Section A, Subsection 3 of *The German Ideology*, by Karl Marx (available at, [direct link]( Each previous mode of production ultimately fell due to contradictions inherent ... more information on surplus value, read Chapter 3 of *Karl Marx* by Vladimir Lenin (available at, [direct link]( Another problem of capitalism is alienation. Under capitalism, workers cannot see themselves


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Selected works of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels: Selected works of Vladimir Lenin: A few works by Amadeo Bordiga: * Seize Power or Seize the Factory?: * Activism ... * Party and Class: * In Janitzio Death is Not Scary: * Black Anger Shakes the Rotten Pillars of Bourgeois and Democratic Civilization!:


Ideas for an anti-war wiki

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/library/anonymous-endless-war-anarchist-antimilitarism-and-the-war-on-terrorism) [Obama’s Imperial War: An Anarchist Response]( Communist/Socialist [Militarism and Anti-Militarism]( [The Main Enemy is at Home]( [The Zimmerwald Manifesto]( General


wildcat wrote (edited ) -Situ text, influenced anarchism post-68 "The Soul of Man under Socialism", Oscar Wilde -The artists, and individualists, case for libertarian socialism "Civil Disobedience", Henry David Thoreau


Capitalism cannot be justified from a Utilitarian standpoint

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increased trade/travel (in the case of infectious disease). Here is some evidence: **Furthermore, it is clear that economic growth


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somewhat briefly take from this text - An investigation into the peasant movement in Hunan by Mao > the methods used by the peasants to hit the landlords politically are as follows: > .... > "Crowning



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From Farm to Factory*]( by Robert Allen * RESOURCE 3: [*The Rise of Socialism*]( by William Foster * RESOURCE 4: [*We Lived Better Then*]( by Stephen Gowans * RESOURCE


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Social-Democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism" -- Stalin, 1924](


Defasher wrote ["Against Mass Society" by Chris Wilson]( ["On Organization" by Jacques Camatte]( ["Pilsen: Chicago’s Revolution of Everyday Life" by Silas Crane]( ["Anarchy


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some different sources to search for texts: * * * * * * * * * *


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Marx's take-down of Stirner in "The German Ideology": Nietzsche's work is often seen as a continuation of Stirner's. Tho Nietzsche never directly referenced Stirner, there is evidence that