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data. [Proprietary Software is software that does not respect it's users freedom, privacy, and community.]( Firefox is not proprietary software because it is licensed under the Mozilla Public Licence, which allows ... program, making it Free (as in freedom) software. You can learn more about that [here]( and on /f/freeasinfreedom. (Also web of trust is, ironically, not trustworthy. Check out [the wikipedia page


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following their abusive practice over their consumers, but you might like to take a look here: It is not specific to MacOS, but about Apple's software in general. In short: Since ... group that made transcripts of them. He does not believes that Apple has ceased this practice." Also this: "macOS Leaks Application Usage..." >And if there are any ways


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openSUSE Leap displayed a pleasant green lightbulb splash screen before the openSUSE-themed [GRUB]( screen. At this point, you are given the option to boot from hard disk, install, upgrade, or advanced ... includes a full [EULA](, in which they licence the software under the [GPL](, but also claim that openSUSE should not be used or distributed to create weapons of mass


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Usually fedora but definitely prefer Parabola for certain citations My criteria is basically "how much of it is FOSS and is it a distribution I am familiar enough with" Edit


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freeasinfreedom refers to free software (see, which must be open source but requires other factors as well. We've posted a lot of things that aren't 100% free software (tails, qubes


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changed it to Free as in Freedom. I also put Richard Stallman's [four essential freedoms]( in the sidebar, to better explain what "Free as in Freedom" means


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bother with free software. Or they do not care about using [service as a software substitute](


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strive to use software that is licensed under the GPL or even [the GNU/Linux endorsed distros](


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this is a decent and readable resource for someone new to the whole thing: []( Since software may change it mostly mentions about certain companies/actors instead of specific software. I'd argue that


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does not conform to [the definition of libre software]( by the FSF, which is how the term is most commonly used and understood. It may be libre by some other definition; that


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struggle as its priority to support. This approach differs from libre licences, such as [the GPL]( The only thing those do is give users – *any* users – the freedom to do as they


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know, the FSF has only [endorsed PureOS](, which is a distribution of GNU+Linux by Purism that ought to be entirely libre, and adhere to the FSF's criteria. (Which, I presume


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After you've run [mat2]( on the pdf, you can run [GNU strings]( on it and manually inspect if there's any sensitive metadata remaining. There could potentially still


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They're recommending Wickr, a [non-free]( chat


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think it's good or bad. [Non-free JavaScript is bad]( JavaScript that doesn't do [progressive enhancement]( excludes some browsers (and hence some users). [Requiring JavaScript to show


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does it have that much real life applications over there at GNU they love scheme. [Guile]( is pretty much all over their projects. Also the init system of their distro is written


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them up in a room with Stallman preaching about why the [term "intellectual property" is nonsense](, nonstop would be better


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controls the program; this makes the program an instrument of unjust power. [What is free software?]( # A familiar ideological mistake Free software, at it's core, is an emancipatory philosophy: it identifies


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DuckDuckGo * Google Chrome : Mozilla Firefox and GNU Icecat * Microsoft Windows: GNU/Linux url depends on the distro * Dropbox: NextCloud


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have it). Intellectual "property" is a misnomer. See Richard Stallman's (founder of GNU) [excellent explanation.]( Intellectual property laws are meant to impose an artifical scarcity on ideas and numbers, enforced through


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then. All our code is open-source, with the majority of the code released under [GPLv2]( license. Your [feedback]( is very much appreciated, and your [help](