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path to right any wrongs you are accused of. Want to see it? Go [here]( and filter to only banned from site or community. [Here's a screenshot one of the recent ... fast. Some of their mods, especially TC69, seem to legitimately suffer from personality disorders ([narcissism](, cluster B, etc.) and do things like get drunk and go on ban tears. She has cowed ... purged to consolidate power over their pocket sized kingdom. Now she's [taken away his adminship]( because of a [sexual harassment scandal]( that she most likely manufactured herself just


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targetting the mod using r/genzedong and their other spaces. Edit: found it Edit: So chapo.shat and genzedong and other dengist reddit subs are all brigading


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addresses but then they say they're [banning people for vote manipulation]( like how can they know there's vote manipulation without seeing our fucking ip addresses? Either they have ... right thing with your own dickhead admin. I mean if you [search for ziq]( it's crazy how much consensus there is from literally everyone that ziq has to GO. This


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like Mastodon have proven to be just as toxic and prone to clique-formation as reddit.


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lean left and are anti-authoritarian then you should join ChapoChat. [Link]( If you are authoritarian-left/Tankie then I'm pretty sure you're already in the right place


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have no idols, but I feel a bit salty about this: ( Yeah, I'm still lurking chapos for my daily hate-boners, and, Holy Eris, I've hate-cummed