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system during periods of crisis. [What has been going on in Greece is a good example]( > Thus, "authoritarian" methods are accepted as one part of the process of ending capitalism, because


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alot lately) because I *just* went back today to skim over [an interesting book]( that discusses the link between early individualist anarchism influenced by Stirner in the journal *Die Einzige*, and post


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been skimming through [The Individualist Anarchism of Early Interwar Germany]( by Constantin Parvulescu. more an academic text, but covers (what to me is) an interesting and less talked about anarchist history


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love to read more of Springer's work. This is the book you were referring to: I only recently heard about him after that hack article attacking him, and read "Fuck Neoliberalism


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They are on the path towards it. Especially as the empire begins to crumble.. READ THIS, Excellent book on the topic (free pdf on link


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found here - unfortunately the only version I know requires sign-in on academic edu Some forums I would like to see materialized along with f/Animal_Liberation, that I invite people to create