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service a permanent entry node [[1]]([[2]]([[3]]([[4]]( and there's also [VPN fingerprinting]( If [Deep Packet Inspection]( (DPI) is a concern you can use Pluggable Transports ...[[2]]( to disguise the Tor traffic. Keep Tor Browser up to date. Never run Tor Browser in full screen. That makes you more easily trackable as websites can detect the real resolution of your


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Reply to comment by quandyalaterreux in Ad Block on Tor? by rot The measures currently in place for TBB re: fingerprinting do a great job, but this is an ongoing arms race. I think it is advisable to assume there are going


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OpenWRT-compatible router]( and set it up to [tunnel the traffic through Tor]( It's quite easy to install. > it could be dangerous to log into personal accounts with


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