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York Times* Best Seller list over a three-year span, a record at the time.[\[1\]]( Estés won a Las Primeras Award from the Mexican American Women's Foundation for being ... first Latina on the *New York Times* Best Seller list.[\[2\]]( The book also appeared on other best seller lists, including *USA Today*, *Publishers Weekly*, and *Library Journal*.[\[3\]]( ... stories and research and was approached by publishers to turn them into a book.[\[1\]]( The stories printed in the book were given to her from her family, people


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again) what is GOOD (The Iberian Anarchist Federation) and what is BAD ("Various Primitivist Groups")


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step of splitting off a bunch of texts to create [The Library of Unconventional Lives]( Or how we've tried to keep a record of controversial texts that were rejected, censored, accepted