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films we featured during green-anarchy month at the following links [Princess Mononoke]( [Alone in the Wilderness]( [Night Moves]( [Stalker](


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send DM's to this account in relation to site issues. To verify this check Also the naming conventions were changed so the new link to the content /u/black_fox posted ... found at


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diverse rough terrain in a vehicle appeals to my salvagepunk sensibilities. Also I will never stop shilling [](! They're currently showing Born in Flames which though quite pro-revolution


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have never heard of this site Saved 4 lockdown watching History is a pile of misery, and that's why it's important to look into it when you can. However the important thing


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forgot the link to our website, sorry about that! The email can be found on Thanks for the suggestions! It might be a bit much to have two Miyazaki films


Let's talk about history!

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This past weekend I watched *Zero for Conduct* on [the anarchist cinema]( The film, which was released in 1933, got me thinking a lot about history. More often than not, anarchists