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Signal Group Calls are one of many features that we have designed with [Signal Private Groups]( as a foundation, using our [RingRTC]( library for handling frame encryption


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graph, conversation list, location, user avatar, user profile name, group memberships, group titles, or group avatars.** (see for the technology and as a case in point


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privacy washing* (in lack of a better word) of surveillance giants like [Microsoft](, [Facebook](, etc. Yea, Moxie is so *tightlipped* that these reporters had to check the download stats


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Signal APK from here: I did, verified the fingerprint, installed successfully, and set up my #. however, upon subsequent android boot, the app would not work unless play services was enabled. Gave


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Stockholm syndrome when we look at an organisation that [openly partners with Microsoft, Facebook and Google]( and even used to [include Google backdoors in their app]( (hence the need


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Signal APK from here: I use it on LineageOS that does not have Google Play Services, GApps, or even MicroG and it works just fine. Only downside is that you have