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Something to Realize About Shoplifting, and Never Getting Caught

Submitted by sudo in Illegalism

your odds of never being caught *ever* go down the more you shoplift. In fact, after 69 shoplifting trips, your odds of never being caught on any one of those trips drop below ... years). For groceries in particular, I recommend dumpster diving for them instead of shoplifting, as long as dumpster diving is legal where you live, because that has a 0% chance of you getting arrested ... afford it, or don't want to pay for it, only then should you consider shoplifting. When you do shoplift, you should do everything within reason to maximize your odds of success


How much does shoplifting actually hurt workers?

Submitted by sudo in Illegalism

what extent this is true. Basically, I am trying to figure out which hurts workers less - shoplifting, or not shoplifting. Let's take the case of a working class person who *doesn't* live paycheck ... paycheck to paycheck, so they may not be able to handle their hours being cut. *Potentially*, by shoplifting, our hypothetical somewhat-well-off person would be causing more harm to other workers by shoplifting than



Submitted by snakez in Illegalism (edited )

shit. I have however been working on the other application which is basically like a guide for shoplifting for new people to this site and with this guide they will be able to learn about ... want to call it that, but the new app is called MZ10. This is a shoplifting guide which will contain a few sections of different things, such as tags, shop info and security ... FASTEST BUT ILL TRY. MZ10 CURRENT FEATURES: UPLOAD STORE DATA LIVE CHAT ROOM [POSSIBLY] SHOPLIFTING TECHNIQUES STORE DIFFICULTY GUIDE ON TAGS MZ10 IS COMING SOON AND WILL HOPEFULLY BE THE FIRST GUIDE ON SHOPLIFTING DESIGNED


Apparently shoplifting is bad we had a damn assembly.

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Apparently shoplifting is bad because retailers - lower profits (oh no the Walton family cant have as many yachts and private jets.) Consumers pay higher prices ( even if that was true shoplifting would barley actually raise ... stuff.thats overpriced and made with child labor dosent mean I Have to also. I believe shoplifting is more ethical then buying because the people suffering are the waltons even if it does affect employees maybe


"Falsely Accused of Shoplifting, but Retailers Demand Penalties"

Submitted by profiled in Illegalism (edited )

home watching the Rose Bowl parade when a county sheriff came to arrest her for shoplifting from the local Walmart. Ms. Thompson, 43, was baffled and scared. An agoraphobic, she had not shopped ... company $200 or face a possible lawsuit. She received three letters over two months in early 2016. Shoplifting is an intractable problem for retailers, costing stores more than $17 billion a year, according ... follow up to check on whether people it sought money from had been convicted of shoplifting. A letter sent to Ms. Thompson by the Palmer Reifler law firm demanding payment. She received three letters over


I’ve been shoplifting from fiveandbelow Fiveandbelow

Submitted by Spoildnoodles in Illegalism

been shoplifting at my local mall for the last few months. I’ve been getting really greedy and literally going everyday with friends. I’ve shoplifted almost 500 dollars worth from Fiveandbelow, Forever 21, Boxlunch ... stupid shit. I’m surprised my face isn’t on the mall walls saying “Warning this girls shoplifting.” Like wtf is up with theses stores. Shoplifting is more of a hobby


Can you make money from shoplifting?

Submitted by gayandbroke in Illegalism

desperate for money so im weighing my options. after reading through the guides it seems like shoplifting isn’t something you can do often and definitely not with very expensive stuff. is it actually possible ... make decent money from shoplifting or is this just used to save money while sticking it to billionaires


Banned from a Reddit thread because of old Shoplifting thread subscriptions!

Submitted by Subversive_Element in Illegalism

Ever since all the OG shoplifting and loss prevention threads were removed from Reddit I never had reason to return. However I was bored and visited a ‘random kindness’ thread a few days before Christmas ... story short, mod says I violated terms of thread, then tells me all my good karma from shoplifting thread is gone and basically then banned me from Random Kindness with a note saying ‘shady shoplifter


[META] Rule 1 has got it wrong. There's nothing wrong with shoplifting as a whole, especially against large corporations

Submitted by Ant in Illegalism (edited )

Here's some related reading on the topic: [Why I Love Shoplifting from big corporations]( My thought is that it's preferable to have the rule still have a problem with moralizers ... issues so it might be wortwhile just to remind them of that?) Excited to learn more about shoplifting in this


Shoplifting withdrawal?

Submitted by Arcstrider in Illegalism

second opinion, because I feel that I may have some sort of withdrawal from the rush that shoplifting gjves me. Do you guys experience withdrawal from shoplifting? How do you deal with


The Art of Shoplifting

Submitted by PainlessEphemera in Illegalism

Even though I’m a mod and I created the forum, I don’t know much about shoplifting. In fact, I can say I’ve never shoplifted. I am not saying this to brag ... about how morally surperior I am, but to show I don’t know a single thing about shoplifting. However, from what I can tell, this guide seems pretty legit. If it isn’t, I apologize


New user / Shoplifting in clothes stores

Submitted by awela in Illegalism

guys- so I’ve been shoplifting a couple of times and plan to continue lmao.. Can anyone give me good, easy clothing stores with change rooms to try? Also include any known security info ... found Le Chateeu and Walmart some of the easiest thus far in my shoplifting career. Thanks



Submitted by LiftinLooknLikeASnack in meta (edited )

very active member of the Shoplifting subreddit. I have a career and educational background in the legal field and have been a pro lifter with knowledge of many stores and I retain so much info ... help others. Im very active on Reddit, prior to its deletion I used Reddit solely for the shoplifting sub. I am currently a physically disabled stay at home mom and am sadly online most hours


Shoplifting shoes from academy

Submitted by NewlyLifted in Illegalism

quit shoplifting for a long while after being content with what I had taken, but my go to pair of shoes are in very poor condition. Does anyone have experience shoplifting shoes from academy


Shoplifting noob

Submitted by Stealformyson in Illegalism

just started shoplifting. I'll explain myself a bit and then add questions i have. So i visted r/shoplifting a bit. I was the type of person in awe of how people did it. Some


New to shoplifting

Submitted by Me_me in Illegalism

been thinking about shoplifting for a while. I’m going to do it. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for starting out? I’m not sure the best way to start


Shoplifting and piracy

Submitted by giampierogaleazzi in Illegalism

What's the point of pirating hella music, games music etc and then condemning shoplifting? I feel that is just hypocrisy but people still have this attitude. Do you have any experience on that


Target shoplifting

Submitted by Exploremore12 in Illegalism

Okay so I got caught shoplifting from target like 4 years ago. I didn’t shop at any targets for almost a year and a half because I was so ashamed of what


Accidental Shoplifting

Submitted by LostYonder in Illegalism

never really considered shoplifting before, not really my thing though I certainly appreciate any act directed against large corporate conglomerates. Anyway, by accident I came across one way of concealment, though it only will work


Nordstrom Shoplifting

Submitted by shopliftjunky in Illegalism

wondering what it takes for an employee or LP employee to stop you and accuse you of shoplifting? Do they need to have evidence or can they just suspect you and ask you to check


new to shoplifting

Submitted by theslumpgod in Illegalism

relatively new to shoplifting. I only started 2 years ago and all I would steal would be things available in stores like 711. I’ve been looking to steal some shoes and clothes. My shoe


Is shoplifting safe?

Submitted by SuperDave in Illegalism

want to get started shoplifting, because there’s loads of money to be made, but is it safe? I don’t want to get caught because if I do I’ll loose my job. What


The Shoplifting Master List (Copied from Reddit)

Submitted by sudo in Illegalism (edited )

harder grocery stores. Lord and Taylor: Employees are encouraged to chase and are given incentives for preventing shoplifting. L&T usually will issue a large civil demand and f**k up your credit score


shoplifting time by COVID19

Submitted by Bombastershop_media in Illegalism

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