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[Self Post] "Reddit admins are censoring a well-researched post that shows r/The_Donald's direct involvement in disseminating Russian propaganda"

Submitted by GrimWillow in lobby (edited )

Internet Research Agency / "USA Really" Recently, a very The_Donald looking [website started showing up (]( almost exclusively on The_Donald. "GEOTUS" is a phrase T_D uses frequently to refer ... After [my previous post](, they have switched to using [another (similar) domain (]( The domain is [registered and hosted in America](, so naturally this must ... upvote, right? After clicking, you might notice **all** the links [redirect to another website (]( "USA Really" is [registered and hosted in Russia]( So what gives


A FAQ and Introduction to

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History** Hate-speech on was at an all time high, with endless subs dedicated to promoting hate and 'joking' about 'helicoptering' (murdering) anyone who isn't a heterosexual white male. These 'alt right' trolls ... to an infamous pedophile and neo-nazi after he created pedo-hive r/jailbait. Then's [warrant canary was killed](, exposing our personal data to the American government ... with this hostile atmosphere for a long time, but then the last straw came when admins began [shutting]( down leftist [subs]( and [banning]( leftist [users


Redirects to make Reddit more accessible (to those who block JavaScript)

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description": "New Reddit to Old Reddit", "exampleUrl": "", "exampleResult": "", "error": null, "includePattern": "*)", "excludePattern": "", "patternDesc": "", "redirectUrl": "$1", "patternType": "R", "processMatches": "noProcessing", "disabled": false, "appliesTo": [ "main_frame" ] }, { "description ... file you just saved. Here's what each one of these does: The first one changes *all* links to links. The redesigned reddit is nigh unusable without JavaScript (not to mention that


Different websites for anime piracy

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From : Archive : -- Anime Twist Subs only, no ads, funded by donations, only one source, self-hosted. AnimeVibe Subs and dubs, no ads, multiple sources, downloadable, funded by donations. WonderfulSubs Subs


Net neutrality isn't enough.

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revolution. Get together with your friends and build your own Internet! * * *


Raddle: a site against bigotry founded on bigotry

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What Is Wrong With Reddit]( page that ideologically situates Raddle: > Hate-speech on has always been deeply embedded in the culture A big part of the problem of Reddit aparantly


Anarres Infoshop Official Links

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probably spam or phishing links. * * * * * * * *


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happy with. Then I will go lifting items based on my list. You can also try, r/hardwareswap, and /appleswap


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Brocialists in r/metanarchism (e.g. driving an anarcha-feminist comrade to posting a suicide note, and then when I complained about their behavior, everyone yelled at me and said I should be banned


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external.. Learn all the ways that make it easy to catch a lifter. c. Visit and ask all the questions that will make you a good LP. d. When you have advice