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On, I'm just a lurker

Submitted by subrosa in lobby

buggy and unpredictable, and full of people spouting basically hate speech, calling it 'opinion'. I like, it's full of cool people, and the site just works. The reason I still spend much more


Night Mode for

Submitted by Earhacker in lobby (edited )

plugin from the link, or click the Stylus icon in your browser in a tab with open, and click 'Find styles'. I'm bound to have missed something. Drop any bug reports here


Join the new home of raddle on matrix:

Submitted by ziq in organize (edited )

Raddle | Channel | Disroot | | Notes | |:---------------------------------------------------------:|:----------------------------------:|:------------------------------------------------------------------------:|:-------------------------------------------------------------------:|:----------------------------------------------------------------------:| | Raddle General | | [🔗]( | [🔗]( | General Site Chat | --- I promise to keep this channel free of drama. The admin and mod list will only consist


We've rebranded to

Submitted by ziq admin in meta (edited )

We did this to avoid being [compared to reddit]( and to avoid


[Done] Sexism by u/ Thebootyholewarrior

Submitted by n_n in ToSBreaches (edited by a moderator ) Gracias mi amor = Thank you my love Catcalling by a man, who gives their unsolicited opinion on why "bitch" is not sexist


Resource Guide for Audiobooks

Submitted by leftous in audiobooks (edited )

Leftist Theory Audiobooks (YT)]( - Leftist texts hosted on Youtube [Raddle's Audiobook Library]( - Under construction by /f/audiobooks [Raddle's Podcast Wiki]( - Podcast library by /f/Podcasts [Resonance ... from a university library **Non-English** French: - 6000+ audiobooks ## Illegal/Pirate Sources ([Use privacy software/VPN]( [Audiobook Bay]( - huge selection [Unwelcome Guests Audiobooks ]( - a few direct


calm connie down [Resolved]

Submitted by ____deleted____ in mediation (edited by a moderator )

much as smells somewhat primitive today, from making this petty and pointless thread to [here]( where they plainly say that 'scum' like them belong against the wall and [here](


Newbie question about posting

Submitted by Selmartine in meta (edited )

submit to a forum, it asks for a url. The one I put for this one ( seems to follow the format, but idk what the requirements are. Whenever I try and open ... even tried putting a stream of numbers in front of the title and after the forum name ( What am I doing wrong


[x-post] Suggestions for /w/chat

Submitted by ziq in meta (edited ) They say some of the links are dead so who is going to volunteer to makes the changes they suggest? Do it in w/chat2 and an admin can move it to the locked


Friendly reminder: f/mediation

Submitted by kore in meta (edited )

space where they can: "Feel free to shout as loud as you want at each other" ( I for one would prefer to keep the discussion in f/meta civil. There has been some



Submitted by GrimWillow in TrollDissection (edited )

Troll is pretty obvious on this one... They posted [a pro hillary article.]( In the first few minutes it had +3 upvotes. I wonder if they think we're pro hillary