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recommend Lightning Browser on mobile, available on [Google Play](, [F-Droid](, and other repos. Orfox has been replaced by [Tor Browser Mobile]( on F-Droid


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early on but I just checked their site and they're [currently on the Play Store.](


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cursory glance at the [play store]( would show that you appear to be the owner of this app, and the permissions it lists in no way are **privacy first**. Additionally, a userbase


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concentration camps * Google: [censored]( pro-HK game "[The Revolution of Our Times](" from Google Play because it was about a "*sensitive event*". * Gap: [apologized]( for selling


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those not proficient in using the command line.   --- ## IX. ANDROID #### ► **Torrent clients** * [Flud]( - free ad-supported client. * [Libretorrent]( - ad-free open source client. Similar UI to Flud. * [BiglyBT