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Reply to comment by !deleted8217 in by !deleted8217 uses the standard config on most things, including logging and account deletion, which you can look up yourself. The TOS also has some info for you -> As well, it would


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cool that my tirades against the worker have gotten almost no push back. Actually no one on gave me push back either. Which is really cool that raddle and have cultivated such


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viewpoint of anarchists not voting is extremely fringe on the internet. Outside of raddle, some people on and a sticky post made by a mod on complete anarchy the internet was just exclusively


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projects, sitting in online reading groups (a good one over at [the nihilist instance on mastodon]( although this all might sound nice and easy, its been one of the roughest periods


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more to make non-dogmatic ancoms feel welcome here, but does reputation and experience not mean anything? makes it pretty obvious that it is a Mastodon instance for and by anarcho-nihilists


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these kinda obscure memes even if I disagree. It was kinda funny. I said something briefly in about toxicity masculinity and nihilist anarchist violence. I don't think it's inherent but I think


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Asterism finds the posts funny]( so they are probably not gonna do that