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I'm back, also... what happened to

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with that time. I foresee some opportunities to reconnect for a little bit, but I find that has been replaced with an ominous message... *Ominous message on* ``` Time for actual ... /run/user/0 tmpfs 13G 0 13G 0% /run/user/1002 $ cat users.txt | grep arathorn | head -n1|$2a$12$u1ual.yp7rnSjXRgwZ5ZIOxa0D9txCT64i3Y/jmbtgQ6ByxVr59zu $ wc -l users.txt 5493973 See you soon. ``` *Edit:* Just in case I didn't imply it enough ... before it went down, and I guess the breach wasn't as addressed as they thought. :( Since was a server in use by this community, I would highly suggest that everyone that used


Join the new home of raddle on matrix:

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Raddle | Channel | Disroot | | Notes | |:---------------------------------------------------------:|:----------------------------------:|:------------------------------------------------------------------------:|:-------------------------------------------------------------------:|:----------------------------------------------------------------------:| | Raddle General | | [🔗]( | [🔗]( | General Site Chat | --- I promise to keep this channel free of drama. The admin and mod list will only consist ... this site and its users can probably do so on shiningwing's channel which is here: Invite your friends


Matrix isn't decentralized

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points about Matrix's problem. So being an asshat, I decided to "investigate" if it's really problem or just matrix... aka I pwned both and servers, cos why the fuck ... joke** The whole point of decentralization is to be proof against censorship and safeguard against shit like's hack. What Matrix's infrastructure does is using self-host to somewhat soften the blow ... bunch other centralized servers. lmao. ** was pwned by the same vuln as** I swear I didn't delete any file on the server, but I was briefly inside server before being booted


Notice: The Matrix Chat is Compromised. The wiki linking to the rooms is also compromised

Submitted by ziq in lobby

many people as I could before they mass adminned everyone. The new channel is at **** and I've repeatedly updated the wiki to point to it, but they keep sabotaging it to point ... their new channel ( and numerous other variations using the raddle name). Shiningwing, gnuponut, Belsima and nofunallowed are all former raddle users with a fiery hatred for this site. They don't represent raddle


Suggestions for /w/chat

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also suggest adding for a f/anime chat, for f/history chat and for f/MastodonSocial since f/piracy and such get linked to other Matrix United chats with /u/boringskip. Maybe


Our Official Matrix Channel

Submitted by ziq admin in lobby (edited ) link: Or just search for 'raddle' in your matrix client, it's a public channel


New Matrix Channels: Liberation Technology, Interfaith, Sci Fi and More

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Outdoors. Leave it cleaner than you found it. --- Dox the Fash --- Sci Fi


bea wrote

want to setup your own instance then asking in /f/Postmill or Postmill dev channel on Matrix ( might be a better idea. Though you shoud probably read [this]( first and then


pearl wrote (edited )

Matrix as described in /w/chat then we have which is... a *much* better choice. I'm not falling for a cop's platform


Reply to comment by ziq in Decentralizing Raddle by ziq

ziq OP wrote (edited )

data on more points of failure and it pushes the client-server split. >from experience the people can't keep their servers running at reasonable speeds and everyone suffers, even if they