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Here's a few other instances: - Even stronger content policy than Run by a comrade like - Explicitly anticapitalist instance. - Although not a Mastodon server, it is compatible with Mastodon. Home


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Mastodon is like twitter 2. Mastodon, unlike twitter, allows for federation, so you can have running Mastodon, but you can also have running Mastodon and users in each one can communicate


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Tails or use something like Whonix (though they have some ignorant/fashy tendencies & Because all traffic is semt through Tor, JS can be used semi-safely


claudiom wrote instance. You can find more information about it and instances on (the original instance which is now invite only). If you scroll down to "Sign Up" on there, you'll see a list


List of FOSS and privacy-oriented websites

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sites? Search * * * * * Social Network * * * * Blog * * Chat * * *


Anti Advertiser Alternatives

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Twitter - Mastodon: * Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc: DuckDuckGo * Google Chrome : Mozilla Firefox and GNU Icecat * Microsoft Windows: GNU/Linux