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Hooktube: Share YouTube videos without giving them views. Bypass country blocks and age restrictions. Download YouTube videos and music. Get a light-weight page instead of YT's bloated scripts. Just replace the domain in any YT link with (Also comments aren't present by default :P)

Submitted by DonaId_Ghe____Trump in Tech (edited )

Just replace the domain in any YT link with and you get a light-weight page that loads YouTube's media files (mp4, webm, etc) directly into your browser's native media player. Very


imminent wrote

mistakes: > Hooktube doesn't have an API. I know what I'm talking about: > Watching some videos here and there will do absolutely NOTHING besides bringing Hooktube ... search results just because you more people use it. (just make a google search `` to realize that) > e: Also, the fact that no views are being generated for the videos, that a custom


imminent wrote (edited )

better (for the time being), * Download all hooktube public source * Change all instances of `` to `` * Delete the entry for popular videos on the front page * Edit marketing, delete fascist