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Make an account on Translate these two files in a text editor: Note: Don't translate words inside '%' symbols, e.g. '%user%' and don't translate the descriptors ... pagination:' - See an [example translation]( if this is unclear. Save the files as messages.xx.yml and validators.xx.yml where 'xx' is the [ISO 639-1 country code]( Go here and click ... Fork': Once you're in your fork, click the + button and select 'new branch'. Name your new branch something like 'xx translation'. Now navigate to the following path in your fork: /src/AppBundle/Resources/translations


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side scroller game intended as an abstract metaphor for the human condition. **Artillery games** * [Apple Flinger]( - Angry Birds-clone for Android. * [Atomic Tanks]( - Multi-platform Scorched Earth clone similar ... * [Daimonin]( * [Evol Online]( - 2D MMORPG. [Source code]( * [ImperiumAO]( - [Source code]( * [PlaneShift]( - 3D fantasy MMORPG. * [Stendhal ... tanks in Java or .NET. **Puzzle games** * [1010! Klooni]( - Minimalistic puzzle game. * [Bombman]( - Atomic Bomberman clone. * [Atomiks]( - Atomix clone. * [Crack Attack!](, [FreeBlocks


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From the [gitlab]( `Torrents.csv` is a *collaborative* repository of torrents and their files, consisting of a searchable `torrents.csv`, and `torrent_files.json`. With it you can search for torrents, or files within torrents ... infohash. ![img]( To request more torrents, or add your own, go [here]( Made with [Rust](, [ripgrep](, [Actix](, [Inferno](, [Typescript


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/f/nettle disappeared so I figured the information would be alright here. ---- Edit: here's [the forum]( and [the library](


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your needs. Emma explains the format of the data being submitted to the php script here: In this case, the script only handles new submissions and formats the data into a $text


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Just a note for theme developers: I think I've fixed all my themes so they're up to date


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There's this but it doesn't seem to be updated yet:


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this [another one]( of your ambassadors


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Here's the git if you want to contribute to the code: emma has done literally everything herself so far, so I'm sure she could use some support


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laŭeble, mi poste komencos la forkon por la laboro. REDAKTO: Mi trovis kie tradukoj estas: [src/AppBundle/Resources/translations]( Mi ĉinokte kreos la forkon


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best I could find is this [archive]( and of course the [GitLab]( page. Do you know if there are any plans to start the website back


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have a 'merge forums' feature. However, there's only one significant contributor to [Raddle's code](, and currently she's focused on more pressing features and we also don't want


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write a proper whitelist rule. Edit: I've submitted a link [to the source](, though again, awaiting moderator approval


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Thank you for the reply. Can we expand on backend step #3 at - how do I inform Postmill with the database name I picked for postgres, and the password? Thanks again


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Here's]( the departure message emma left on GitLab. If you scroll down, you'll see someone left a comment offering help to keep Postmill alive. That's nice. It shouldn


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channel on Matrix ( might be a better idea. Though you shoud probably read [this]( first and then ask about specific things you have trouble with or don't understand