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[OC] Postmill API in Rust

Submitted by Fossidarity in Postmill (edited )

very easy to use. For example my TorBot went from [this huge amount of code]( to [this very small amount of code]( I will be stabilizing ... pretty happy with it so far. The repository is [here](


TorBot - a Raddle bot for finding the .onion url of clearnet links

Submitted by Fossidarity in RaddleBots (edited )

u/TorBot Source: I wrote this in Rust. It was quite a challenge since I've never used futures before. I still need to find a place to host this ... urls and their mirrors here: If you have any other sites to add please tell


LanguageBot - an ableist language watching bot

Submitted by Fossidarity in RaddleBots (edited )

u/LanguageBot Source: This bot will tell you when you use ableist language. The list of words and alternatives can be discussed [on this sticky post](http://lfbg75wjgi4nzdio.onion/f/Ability/55653/languagebot-list-of-ableist-words) in /f/Ableism. I made