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content warning galore obviously]


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automating this canary, like you do on some TOR sides. Here's my full security review:


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install? the line you put in for DATABASE_URL should reflect that. I suggest version 10 ... P.S. As a convention, hiding a config file for a server software app is a poor


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upgrade PHP to 7.2 and PG to 10 The steps are easy on Ubuntu. PG: PHP 7.2: Easier to do from the get-go and with PHP, newer


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they ever were to get into legal trouble. At least that's what this person says:


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expert at this ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ ) nginx configuration for improved security (and performance): [GitHub Gist]( | [blog post]( ( and are both Google Public DNS resolvers, so if you enable OCSP