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Long list of open source games (that are not in the wiki yet).

Submitted by n_n in Games (edited )

Dash]( - Side scrolling 2D platformer for Android. [Source code]( * [GOAT]( - An arcade game about a drunken space goat! * [JVGS]( - Minimalistic platform game. * [Mega ... Secret Chronicles of Dr. M.]( - Clones of Mario. * [Parallel Universe]( - Minimalist Yin and Yang Platformer. * [RickyD]( and [xrick]( - Clones of Rick Dangerous. * [Tobu ... Shark]( - Remake of the shoot 'em up game Flying Shark. * [Gang Garrison 2]( - Multiplayer 'demake' of Team Fortress 2. * [Galaxy Forces V2]( - 2D multiplayer space shooter


Indie Games You Missed - January 2020 | TE

Submitted by TripleEyeGaming in Games Myrtle Takes the City: Rovonaut Comrade: Cold Sun: Madness of the Coastal Structure: Temple of the Monolith: Economical