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mode or an external VNC. To connect to an external VNC, you can use [`com.coboltforge.dontmind.multivnc`]( or [`android.androidVNC`]( clients available in F-Droid. On android devices with x86-based


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these apps" BS. Taste is subjective. I just wanna comment, haha. * Keyboard: [Hacker's Keyboard]( Not a hacker, but non-physical keyboards generally suck and this one was the least worst alternative ... Launchers: [KISS launcher](, [Search based launcher]( and [TU-I]( I've used all for extended periods of time. KISS feel out of favor a while ... does what it need to do: open applications, and not much more. * Searching: [Duck Duck Go]( Sort of old and unmaintained. Does the trick though. * Writing: [Markor]( Very handy


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feed reader that you might like to give a try. They are available in fdroid. [feeder]( - simple rss feed reader. - allows categorize of feeds and viewing a category as if they ... feed - can't bookmark [AntennaPod]( - it's a great app to subscribe to your favorite podcasts (and listen offline), but can also be in use for subscribing to any webpage ... newsblur, TinyTinyRSS or Nextcloud RSS. Unfortunate they all require a server. There is also "[spaRSS DecSync](", which is said to "Sync RSS without a server using DecSync" (I never used it). Another


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kind of phone are you using? There are some free/libre call/text blocking apps (like [Blacklist Blocker]( or [NoPhoneSpam]( on F-droid but Android apparently also has built-in support ... built-in support for blocking numbers so this app is probably less useful on versions 7+.](


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tell you about two: *Diaspora* is a decentralized alternative to facebook <> Dandelion app <> *Mastodon* is a decentralized alternative to twitter. <> Tusky app: <> The advantages ... found it alot easier if you install the Tusky or Diaspora app, both available on Fdroid <> If you'd like to add/follow me my handles are: <> & <


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recommend Lightning Browser on mobile, available on [Google Play](, [F-Droid](, and other repos. Orfox has been replaced by [Tor Browser Mobile]( on F-Droid


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push or pull files from my phone/tablet using Termux. Besides Termux, I often use [Ghost Commander]( with the [SFTP addon]( Plus, with SFTP you don't need to enable


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command line. &nbsp; --- ## IX. ANDROID #### ► **Torrent clients** * [Flud]( - free ad-supported client. * [Libretorrent]( - ad-free open source client. Similar UI to Flud. * [BiglyBT]( - no nonsense


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think they should have gone with [Replicant]( + [F-Droid]( It would have a lot more apps and a bigger chance of being an option for normal users


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Shattered Pixel Dungeon]( (Android, available on [F-Droid]( Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a Roguelike RPG, with pixel art graphics and lots of variety and replayability. Every game is unique


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free / libre OS on your smartphone]( and use a [free / libre app store]( However, the phone modem will most likely still run non-free software


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problem getting this OS to run on my tablet using [Limbo x86 PC Emulator](, where as every Linux distro I try (Puppy and Tiny Core included) do not run very well


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threaten, arrest, detain, sentence, or deanonymize an individual or group. Tools:


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Guests Audiobooks ]( - a few direct MP3 downloads # Mobile Software Android: [Voice (Audiobook Player)]( - Great interface and features, and of course free/GPL software. iOS: [Audiobook-Player/BookPlayer](


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Management Software]( *** ## Mobile Software [FB Reader]( Android: [Voice (Audiobook Player)]( - Great interface and features, and of course free/GPL software. iOS: [Audiobook-Player/BookPlayer](