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German–Soviet Credit Agreement (1939)](–Soviet_Credit_Agreement_(1939)), in which the Soviets provided the oil and other important resources that fueled the Nazi war machine, which was used to invade Europe ... Germany and the Soviet Union that enabled those two powers to partition Poland between them. [Here](–Soviet_military_parade_in_Brest-Litovsk) you can check out the fancy Nazi-Communist military parade ... their agreement, where swastikas and red stars stand together. Also related: The [Lipetsk fighter-pilot school](, secret facility operational until 1933 in Soviet territory, where Germany evaded their ban on operating


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cardinal sin]( was a [mod team]( ([mostly one super active mod]( that allowed, encouraged, and actively participated in [sectarianism]( I feel this comment


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those are pressing issues. However, adding CO2 can cause environmental collapse. Simply look at ocean acidification: which leads to dead zones: like the Gulf of Oman in the Arabian ... Each and everyone exacerbate the other


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discussion. ---- 3. Thought crime Another problem that concerns the object is the idea of [thought crime]( This describes the intellectual actions of a person who entertains and holds unacceptable thoughts ... Asia, all began by writing on the bones of freshly hunted meat. The [oracle bones]( as they are called, were used for divination. Let's talk the ethicality of this ... bones & excess weren't used for fertilizer thus degrading the quality of land (the [Rouran]( will come to bite them in the ass for that later.) 3. Domestication of wild oxen into


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other countries today, though racially charged and the like, often resort to Anarchist-like tactics[[1]]( of direct action, occupation, popular committees and even a form of direct democracy and workers' control ... know this happens again because the Right-Wing have done so before. The Klan[[2]]( for example kept the social order as a non-governmental unit but as a popular mass movement ... state and capital with thefts, extortion, drug peddling and among many other things. - [Catholic Workers' Movement]( It is a movement which prioritizes the Belonist-tendency by building the developing mythology


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getting caught, is what lead me to ask Some stuff to consider: * extradition treaties, [US](, [China](, maybe Russia.. * [Five eyes](, 9eyes, 14eyes


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point essentially is [Deleuzian]( There is an idea of a [plane of immanence]( where an object is measured by it's temporal relativity and causal relationship ... remains essentially the same, unless you take the other side of the [Ship of Theseus]( problem. Which brings me to point 2, Why are such inventions not yet subject to [More


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constant incentive to take water as early as possible from the river. Only [an interstate compact]( and [international agreement]( have let the water get as far as Los Angeles


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know much about, but I remember that this [gentleman]( is using a technique named [Zäi]( to stop desertification. Maybe it is good source


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rehabilitation]( you mean, not [mercy]( Mercy is a rare and very unpopular thing that a state exercises. What do you think is the clemency:incarceration ratio in the united