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basic tenant of their ideology - It's even spelled out multiple times in their [manifesto]( >Transhumanists hope that by responsible use of science, technology, and other rational means we shall eventually manage


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Anarchist Black Cross, email them here: Or Democratic Socialists of America has a form here: I will start another thread with this information so that it is sure to reach people


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called "Socialist Organizers in the Church" They have a working document that can be read here: Perhaps this will be useful


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link without reddit]( [pdf mirror in a tweet](


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Kazakh]( comes to mind first. Second - a lot of forced deportations like [this](, [this](, [this](, [this]( and much, much [more


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tweets, I can actually provide reputable sources backing up the claim that [sex is not binary]( You're just strawmanning to such extremes that you literally post twitter threads that affirm


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Moore: This is an herbal respiratory infection protocol. Good for the upcoming flu season: Youtube channel with educational herb and gardening videos from Joe Hollis at Mountain Gardens:


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just to get more friends with similar characteristics. The internet is one way of doing it.


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important links: * * Abridged pdf: * * (Topic is more broad but it briefly talks about a post-work economy) *


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want to get involved with the Democratic Socialists of America, they have a form here: You can also donate or read about other ways they need help here: