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Submitted by mima in touhou (edited ) Yesternight (in PHT/UTC+8 time), Reddit announced they're bringing r/place back this July 20th, confirming the datamining leaks hinting at a possible revival of r/place this year:


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would prefer to discuss using instant messaging as well: * [ ]( * []( . ## The Various Projects ## 0. The Ted Kaczynski Archives We’re doing tasks like transcribing prison letters ... vegans who glorify violence]( . --------- ## Updates The discussion spaces are now on this [Discord]( & [Matrix]( The Ted Kaczynski Archives is now [this website](


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Join The Anarchist Collective! A Discord community for Anarchists who aren't jerks:


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anything but usally there are people there. there is a channel specifically for crisis help. hoping for you the best conditions possible while you work through this


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bookmarked all alternatives that were posted: - [Discord]( - [Tumblr tag]( - [Squabbles]( - [Lemmy]( - [Raddle](