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Sunday, February 25, we received an email from a person who signed himself[1]( Aaron Bushnell. It read, > Today, I am planning to engage in an extreme act of protest against ... post. ------ The scale of the tragedy that is taking place in Gaza is heartrending. It [exceeds]( anything we can understand from the vantage point of the United States. Over 30,000 Palestinians ... threshold of a new age of genocides. Even inside the United States, [mass casualty incidents]( have become routine, while an entire segment of the underclass is consigned to [addiction](,


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Winds From Ottawa: Thinking Through the Threats and Opportunities as a Far-Right Initiative Gains Momentum](, in which our correspondent in Montréal explores the sequence of events that led up to these


Submitted by ziq in Anarchism (edited ) Good write up of the big rift between direct democrats and pro-autonomy anarchists in Spain. Probably the most important work that came out of the Occupy movement. I highly advise reading


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October 2019, an [Indigenous and popular uprising]( broke out in Ecuador in response to a package of neoliberal measures imposed by the International Monetary Fund. After twelve days and eleven deaths, they