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here are some from the CPP: [On Duterte’s double puppetry to US and Chinese imperialism]( [To the Filipino people: Unite and defend the country! Build a national patriotic front against Chinese ... economic encroachment and military incursion](


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PRWC. 2019. "AFP-PNP’s “Insurgency-Free Bohol” declarations are outdated mantras" Last Modified November 23. [3] Official Gazzette. 2018. Last Modified July 23 "An Act liberalizing the Importation, Exportation and Trading ... [5]Various Authors. MAIKLING KURSO SA LIPUNAN AT REBOLUSYONG PILIPINO . Accessed November 24, 2019.


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under the natdems ngl, although I do get some news from [the Communist Party's official organ]( I also have a twitter list depending on bias, I read primarily from the Libertarian, Democratic Socialist


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Communist Party of Burma, the [Communist Party of the Philippines also condemned the Burmese military coup]( The tankies are probably afraid in isolating themselves from their Southeast Asian "comrades


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exactly what was planned by the CPP all along. Not COVID, I mean the programs[[7]]( But in order to understand my point, we need to begin at the beginning. First