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Submitted by jadedctrl in freeAsInFreedom (edited )

gave a bit of a face-lift last night— new pages, CSS, reactive design, and a URL-shortener. The changes are a bit drastic, so I put them on a beta URL (


[fvwm2] Cool colours, cool prompts

Submitted by jadedctrl in Unixporn (edited )

customized prompts to basically all the programs I use: tmux, less, shell, and sbcl. * Alt Screenshot: []( * OS: OpenBSD 6.4 * WM: fvwm2 ([config]( * GTK: [CDE-Solaris]( ... custom patch to :linedit, will upload if anyone wants it) Column II: * nail ([prompt]( * less ([prompt]( * just a shell ([prompt]( With tmux enveloping it all ([theme ... If you wanna use the lessrc, nailrc, or the shellrc, you'll also need these color variables exported: [colorrc](


Comment activity in top 10 forums in 2018

Submitted by Fossidarity in meta (edited )

version showing "shoplifting" fully]( - [The version zoomed in]( - [Top 7 without "shoplifting"]( - [Total comments per day]( Any requests for the trend


My Lift For Today with Interesting Story

Submitted by thief in Shoplifting

Repost because glitched.) So today I was gonna go check at my local hardware store to scout out the power tools I could have potentially lifted for profit. I was also gonna lift some ... distance for more than a second this time and those boxes aren't concealable. **([Image](** Looks like I'm using the bag-cardboard frame method. Well, as I was there, there


First draft of a PPL-based CopyFarLeft license suitable for software

Submitted by jadedctrl in freeAsInFreedom

basically, the PPL's anti-capitalist/anti-alienation nature) It's based off the [Peer Production License]( which itself's from the CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0. Since it's based ... easy reading, you can see the differences between the PPL and this license [here]( Basically, I added 1-J, 1-K, 4-C, and 8-C. My definition of software


[fvwm2] Retro UNIX Rice

Submitted by jadedctrl in Unixporn

Theme:** Belle Pintos Grande **Icon Theme:** Retrosmart **WM:** fvwm2.6 **WM Config:** [retro_unix-fvwm2.config]( **Xresources:** [retro_unix-Xresources]( I modified the GTK theme *slightly*-- modified a couple of colours, and moved


minecraft and industry

Submitted by this_one in memer

because I'd rather live [here]( ([source]( than [here]( (from the video above) or [here]( ([source]( then I guess


A Hacker Manifesto (2004) by McKenzie Wark

Submitted by culprit in books (edited ) Wark introduces the concept of the hacker / vectoralist relation that is a new iteration of previous relations of the farmer / landlord and worker / capitalist. While the farmer worked the land, and the worker


"Oh no" hat template

Submitted by GrimWillow in Workshop (edited )

This is originally from: *Update:* The original can be found [**here**](



Submitted by GrimWillow in Workshop (edited )

Original Artwork found at: *Update:* The original of this piece can be found [**here**](