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about Black Metal and its history. And, I remember liking the piece on [lesser known individualism]( >[break the clock, light the candle, empty the cup]( There was more


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like to use let me know


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swing my expertise around for a second! I host a few federated programs! (,, all run activitypub compatible software). And the main benefit I have seen within that ecosystem


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comment have better recommendations? Ideally shorter and more recent pieces, preferably zines > Alsooo reminder that I host and if you would like a blog on there let me know


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Posting this here so as to extend the invitation out to all of y'all! from: Serendipitously (or perhaps not) our next reading group date falls on May the 1st! Because


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chemistry **Khat** **Kratom** **DMT-producing species & Ayahuasca** - list of DMT containing plants **Mushrooms** - mushroom growing guide from /u/nbdy **Morning Glory/Hawaiian Baby Woodrose** **Psychedelic Cacti** **Salvia Divinorum** **Tobacco


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self-promotion; far more than 10% of my posts to the subreddit were just links to + comments on those posts > > At the same time, like, they never even gave me a warning