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went over a couple chapters in an anarchy study group earlier this year, [Of Ethnocide]( and [Archeology of Violence: War in Primitive Societies]( I thought the distinction between primitive


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about Black Metal and its history. And, I remember liking the piece on [lesser known individualism]( >[break the clock, light the candle, empty the cup]( There was more


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frame anarchism unsatisfying. similar to the *liberal individualism/collectivism* dilemma: [my particular anarchist formulation]( (not so different from many others, but like those others, a unique-to-me composite) is not determined


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chemistry **Khat** **Kratom** **DMT-producing species & Ayahuasca** - list of DMT containing plants **Mushrooms** - mushroom growing guide from /u/nbdy **Morning Glory/Hawaiian Baby Woodrose** **Psychedelic Cacti** **Salvia Divinorum** **Tobacco


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self-promotion; far more than 10% of my posts to the subreddit were just links to + comments on those posts > > At the same time, like, they never even gave me a warning