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Anti-Capital #13 now live, article details inside

Submitted by AntiCapital in News (edited ) : A 1 page leaflet available as a .pdf for distribution purposes at demonstrations about immigration. : S. Artesian's continued grappling with Marx's concept of relative surplus value ... relates to the pricing mechanism : Capitalism in America tries to have its cake and eat it too with undocumented immigrants. If you deport them, you can't use them as cheap wage ... labor. : What a worker's party should be : The current wave of reaction looks like a quantitatively worse wave than the last, but there are qualitative differences


Anti-Capital #12 is now live

Submitted by AntiCapital in News : The domination of the living by the dead is the law of value, what does the control of the dead by the living look like? : On oil, overproduction, and fracking ... ugly. : Reportback from May 16th NC teachers strike : There is a connection between the productivity of labor and surplus value, but it may not be quite as simple ... Marx states. : Occupational drug use is tacitly supported, at least some of the time. : The story of members of Teamsters Local 264 members in New York suffering under


Tenth Edition of Anti-Capital is Out. Article Details Inside

Submitted by AntiCapital in News A statement from Anti-Capital to the teachers of West Virginia. A brief rundown and attempt at organizing my workplace. A strike wave is potentially ... makings, this article looks at the trends and actions leading up to it. The economy is on the brink of collapse again, this article gives us some details ... gotten there. An insightful piece on the damaging effects of ideology, and the significance of the workers' party. Karl Marx was born 200 years ago this


11th Edition of Anti-Capital now out, details inside.

Submitted by AntiCapital in News : A refutation of Yanis Varoufakis' attempt at neutering Marx and Engels : A first hand account of organizing a workplace in WV's public sector : A historical comparison ... police in the past and modern police : A justification for a singular unified wage for all workers : A look at the dialectical relationship between productivity of labor and organization ... labor. : The first submission in a new (ir)regular series meant to detail the workplaces of various different workers, feel free to submit your own work experiences


Anti-Capital #15 now available

Submitted by RedMarx in News

Least If We All Die the Capitalists Die Too]( On the social significance of the impending climate collapse [Twelve Years and More Part 2]( A continuation of the analysis ... from [Twelve Years and More Part 1]( [The Limitations of the Wage Demand]( Also the limitations of the political struggle [Do We Sound Desperate Yet? (We Are)](


9th Edition of Anti-Capital is now, details of articles inside.

Submitted by AntiCapital in News A continuation of an introduction to Marx's critique of capitalism, discussion coming up next Wednesday. A review of Loren Goldner's book Revolution, Defeat, and Theoretical Underdevelopment: Russia, Turkey ... Spain, Bolivia Practical application of Marxism A look at the maritime shipping industry and how it fares


Anti-Capital #14 Now Live

Submitted by RedMarx in News

Summing Up at the End]( An Anti-Capital progress report, or, why the hell did this edition take so long. [Twelve Years and More Part 1]( A summing ... draws connections between the economic distress and political reaction. [The Revolution Will Not Be Livestreamed]( The task at hand for us is not to build an online base, but a real base ... among the working class. [Averaging Up or Averaging Down, But Always Averaging]( An average wage already exists, why not explicitly recognize this and struggle to raise