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avbeav OP wrote

interesting one. Mozilla is currently allowing some extensions which are down a similar path. [**TrackMeNot**]( and [**AdNauseum**]( are specifically designed to flood advertising companies and search engines with phony


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IPFS Companion](, and it'll automatically redirect all IPFS gateway stuff to your local one. (it'll be slower, because most of the time the only node with a file


YesWeScen OP wrote

open source: And you can for Firefox for example download the *.xpi from, rename it to *.zip then extract it, then you can see the source code


avbeav wrote

direction*-style web and wouldn't be able to use anything that doens't have [uMatrix]( functionality. Sure, you can use a hosts-file but sometimes well meaning pages, especially newspapers, come


avbeav wrote (edited )

Zoom Redirector browser extension]( Obviously you shouldn't run Zoom, even in your browser, but if you feel like the alternative is installing their hopelessly insecure malware local client, then


avbeav wrote

without title bars, tool bars, tab bars, scroll bars and candy bars. Luckily [browser extensions]( and [tiling window managers]( can alleviate the problem. > he Gnome designers, however, have decided


p00p wrote

Reply to comment by sketty in homepage showing 404 by castwoy works fine for me..? I can also recommend the [Invidition browser extension]( with the *always use preferred* setting


affa wrote

privacy setup was Firefox Multi-Account Containers, that lets me separate different tabs to different containers.


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accessible to people who disable JavaScript. To use them, first get the Redirector addon from [here]( Then, save the following in a text file on your computer: --- ``` { "createdBy": "Redirector v3.2.1", "createdAt


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uploads it some marketing agency. Instead install the Stylus plugin, which is FOSS Firefox friends: Chromium comrades: Stylus GitHub: _Then_ either install the plugin from