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Submitted by comrade_pikachu in lobby

Ziq in 2015... Hi communists, welcome to raddle, I love communism! Ziq in 2016... Transhumanism is evil. Ziq in 2017... Communism is evil. Ziq in 2018... Primitivism is pretty cool... Ziq in 2019 Anarchism ... kinda stupid. Ziq in 2020... Fascism is good, actually


Submitted by leftous in meta (edited )

Update:** - I said I would retract this proposal if ziq left voluntarily. But I realize this is inappropriate and I should let the proposal be. Feel free to change your votes if ziq leaving voluntarily ... will refrain from posting this info because it could lead to doxxing him. I propose temporarily banning ziq till Raddle can recover and purging all of his alts that we can find (including those ... reveal). I am not suggesting a permanent ban since I acknowledge ziq's work in founding raddle and the work he put into building it up as is. I believe can be a valuable contributor


Submitted by An_Old_Big_Tree in meta

short, we (the admins) trust ziq to do the job well and we’d be glad to have them on board. Any regular user should be able to tell that they are appropriate ... politics as a requirement, being admin takes time and energy, so personally I’m grateful that ziq would be willing to take it on. Presently, having effectively two admins is not easy. Feel free


Submitted by assadsquad in lobby

begin with, the host, Ziq, is known for taking actions against left unity and actual progress whenever possible (/w/leftunity and /w/tankie for obvious examples (never mind "tankie" being nothing but a slur against actual communists


Submitted by Bezotcovschina in Dreaming

Sometimes I had dreams of a person that I perceive being ziq. Always they are a person of an indomitable will and uncompromising behavior. Usually scorning me for my compromising choices and guiding


Submitted by leftous in meta (edited )

couple of initiatives that were of concern. I am posting this as plea to our pal ziq to feel free to be themself, and not hide behind any persona. I hope they are alright