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doxxed. Not a fan of the writing but meh, the info is there: [325 - Abe Cabrera/Vasquez]( [325 - ATASSA responses]( [325 - Bunch of articles about Atassa/ITS]( **Wolfi


ziq OP wrote (edited ) Libertarian communism is also known, particularly in Latin countries, by the name of “anarchist communism.” It is not. On the contrary, the two words are a contradiction in terms. Communism signifies a social


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very recent: [The NGO Sector: The Trojan Horse of Capitalism]( (PDF) [Revolutionary solidarity]( (PDF) (by Pierleone Porcu, Daniela Carmignani, Wolfi Landstreicher, Killing King Abacus) [Smashing the Orderly Party


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Vice covers both radical and far-right movements * * * Liberal, but with some decent stories: * * Democracy Now * * * *


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mainly know of it through [this article]( on Klaus Schwab's *Great Reset/Fourth Industrial Revolution*. it doesnt seem at all far-fetched given that its just what progressive governance does. the writer


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they're told are racists. We all know where this shit leads.


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this isn't paranoid ranting. If we remember one of the [people involved with atassa](, ex-ALF [W. Bond](, an even the satanic nazis of ONA have this entryism